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David Bowering – Citizens or Consumers Health vs. ‘The Economy’

Presentation date: February 25, 2015 Dr. David Bowering is a former General Practitioner and retired Chief Medical Health Officer with Northern Health. "The Economy" is frequently…

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Kelsey Wiebe - A History of the Lakelse Hot Springs

Presentation date: February 11, 2015 A History of Lakelse Hot Springs will look at the tiered development of the Lakelse Hot Springs, ranging from log-cabin bathhouses in the early 1900s to a…

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Rosalind Barabash - Decolonization, Reconciliation and the Responsibilities of the Settler

Presentation date: January 28, 2015 For too long the burden of the Indian Residential School System has rested with Indigenous Peoples, this lecture will address the need for tangible acts of…

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Bob Patrick - Getting from Good to Great Place-Making for Sustainability in Terrace, BC

Presentation date: January 14, 2015 Place-making is the art and science of creating good urbanism. The formula for place-making is rather simple yet often difficult to achieve and requires attention…

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Duncan Stewart - Northwest Results of the 2013 BC Adolescent Health Survey

Presentation date: January 9, 2015 In the spring of 2013, over 29,000 students in Grades 7-12 across the province completed the fifth BC Adolescent Health Survey. This presentation will share the…

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Rod Link - Dealing with the Myths and Conspiracy Theories Surrounding the Community Newspaper Business

Presentation date: December 12, 2015 Small town newspapering. Like sausage, you sometimes don't want to know how it's made ..."

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Rob Bryce & Kelset Wiebe - Ghost Towns of Northwest BC from Past to Present

Presentation date: October 28, 2015 We will take you back in time during a historical presentation that will transport you from past to present exploring the fascinating stories of five of Northwest…

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Amy Klepetar & Matthew Beedle - Eight Thousand Kilometres in a Year - The Slow Way

Presentation date: November 11, 2015 On a layover in an airport in 2012, we started half-joking, half-daydreaming about taking time off to have a big adventure together as a family. Before having…

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Mel Coulson & Daryl Hanson - Intentional Communities and Telkwa’s Innovative, Intergenerational Birchwood Cohousing Project

Presentation date: October 7, 2015 Learn about the principles of cohousing: environmental stewardship; sharing of common resources; participatory design and caring for our neighbours.

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Alex Lautensach - The Leap Manifesto What’s It All About - Benefits and Implications of a Program For National Action to Secure Our Future

Presentation date: October 14, 2015 This event is intended as a forum for public discussion. A brief introductory presentation will summarise the reasons why Canadians would benefit from programs…

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Phil Burton - Development of a Food Security Program at the University of Northern British Columbia

Presentation date: April 22, 2015 There is widespread interest in local food production and sustainable agriculture in northern B.C. The extent to which young people are interested in these issues…

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