F.E. Jack Putz - "Defining Sustainable Forest Management in the Tropics: A Disaggregated Landscape Approach"

Presentation date: November 4, 2019 Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) has become the guiding paradigm for forestry around the world, but all too often it is not clearly defined. While I accept…

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Chelsey Armstrong - Anthropogenic Landscapes & Historical Ecology in the Skeena Watershed

Presentation Date: October 16, 2019 While climate change, ecotoxicity, and biodiversity loss are keystones of modern human land-use, we know that humans have not always negatively influenced the…

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Indigenous Group Participatory Authority in International Natural Resource Management: An Institutional Analysis of Native American and Canadian First Nations' Participation in the Pacific Salmon Commission

Dr. Shane Day Assistant Professor of Public Administration Mark O. Hatfield School of Government Portland University State

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CTLT Summit 2019 - Keynote: Dr. Leroy Little Bear

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